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What’s “Red Flag Interview Prep”?

In short, one of the most useful things you can do in advance of meeting someone for an interview.


I’ve coined the phrase in my delivery of advice to candidates over the years, because most interview prep sees someone thinking about what their interviewer WILL like about them.


Flip that on it’s head for a moment, because it should be a given,


But think about what they MIGHT NOT like about you?


What might they have as a preconceived idea because of your CV?


And therefore, what could you subtly say that might dispel that preconception, whether they question you on it or not?


For example, the fact you’ve had 5 jobs in 5 years (whether they’re FTC’s or not), might just put some people off,


So head it off yourself, talk about why that’s been beneficial to you, why it happened before even being asked about it.


No one is perfect for a job, ever.


So yes, think about what makes you right for a role in your prep,


But don’t ignore the bits that might make you wrong (in reality or perceptive terms) – how can you provide examples or evidence to overcome those things?


That combination of prep makes you more powerful without a doubt.


Chris Truman Director

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What’s “Red Flag Interview Prep”?