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Monday Morning Interview Tip

I always thought that before an interview I would need to memorise everything:


⭐ Company history
⭐ Everything about the role
⭐ Everything about the person I’d be meeting


I remember the days of sitting in the car before an interview, with the pages of notes, I’d made the days before, trying to remember all of it.


In reality, that was one of the least productive things I could’ve done.


Since starting in recruitment, I’ve found that the bit of advice everyone is shocked by is…


Bring a notebook into your interview and don’t be afraid to read your notes when you’re in there


Obviously this doesn’t mean that you should spend the whole interview looking down and JUST reading off your notes 📓


But if done in the right way, this can really show your preparedness and make you stand out from the other candidates that might try and commit everything to memory.


You don’t need a photographic memory to get the job, you just need to show you are prepared!


This really stands out as the piece of advice most people I speak to before their interview find useful.


At StormX Recruitment – Accountancy & Finance/HR/ Office Support Specialist Recruiters, a candidate meeting is something we do prior to each interview to ensure the candidate is not only right for the job but just as importantly the job is right for them.


By doing this, we can also run through any questions they may have prior to the interview itself.


Ryan Osborne Recruitment Consultant

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Monday Morning Interview Tip