Talent Consultancy

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Your employees have never been more important to you

The world we now live in makes it critical for employers to cultivate environments that their employees feel valued within, providing opportunities to further their skills and career. This is the key to retaining that existing talent, but also attracting the very best in the market when needed, growing the company into the future.

Collectively, 50 years of Talent Management experience gives us a unique platform to provide strategic talent consultancy for our client base and partnerships

Specifically tailored to your business; we consult on process implementation and improvement, with both short & long term business goals in mind, adding commercial value in ways you may never have considered applicable.

Working with a range of clients from SME’s with limited Talent/HR functionality, to larger organisations seeking to think more holistically about their talent acquisition, retention and cultural offering; our strategic insight will prove invaluable as you scale up, with services including:

  • Strategic Talent ‘MOT’
  • Interview process/training & technique
  • Candidate Experience analysis
  • Succession & Workforce planning
  • Employee Value Proposition
  • Market benchmarking and competitor analysis
  • Onboarding and Inductions
  • Time/Cost to Hire analysis

StormX also has strong working partnerships with several leading HR networks and consultancies, offering solid referrals and trusted contacts as required; we are also readily available for speaking/seminar engagements on Talent Management related subjects.