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TOP TIPS: Things to remember when writing a CV

Writing a CV for most people is difficult.


Its hard to remember everything you have ever done in each job.


Its hard to know what you should and shouldn’t include.


Everyone has an opinion on what should be on the CV and layout.


Its hard for most people to write things that could come across as arrogant.


Not to mention all the dates you have to go back through and confirm are correct.


My Top Tips:


🚀 Make sure you have no gaps in your CV.


🚀 Personal statements need to have intentions of what type of career path you wish to follow with facts , not just generic positive buzzwords (i.e. Hardworking, positive, responsible etc etc etc).


🚀List a couple of achievements in every job or in a highlights section at top of page. Show what value you can bring with actual facts and figures.


🚀 If you don’t have any experience ensure you highlight your education and qualifications.


🚀The interest section should be interesting…. not just walking, watching TV, spending time with family. Give people a short insight into you as an individual!


🚀Make sure you spell and grammar check everything before you send it out to adverts or recruiters.


Taking the time to get your CV done properly at the start will avoid you missing out on the right job.


Worth also asking one or two people in recruitment their advice or opinion.


James Swift Director

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TOP TIPS: Things to remember when writing a CV