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Does a Job Title Really Matter???

Yes and No …. Depends on who you too!


I would say it has a great importance when considering factors such as:


🔵 Perception of prospective employers

🔵 How you are viewed within the internal company hierarchy.

🔵 How much weight it carries with clients

🔵 Attracting prospective employees to you job vacancies.


When searching through CV’s I look more closely at the duties & responsibilities rather than just the job title as sometimes this is quite misleading.


I think this can be said about candidates who just apply for job a based on the head line title rather than the job duties.


Job titles for some are are so important and have had clients and job seekers turn down prospective applicants or interview requests and offers because of it.


As I said at the start everyone has there own personal opinion on it.


For me it’s important but it doesn’t and shouldn’t define you.


James Swift Director

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Does a Job Title Really Matter???