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Top tip on how to answer this tricky interview question …

”What are your salary expectations?”


Now this doesn’t get asked all the time but the question of money sends shockwaves of fear through most people interviewing.


Its the type of question that can definitely make or break job offer…


Go too high and you will put the client off.


Go too low and you have undervalued yourself.


The way to answer this question is extremely simple.


▶️ Before you apply find out the range of the salary banding


▶️If through an agency find out exactly what salary they have submitted your CV with.


If asked then keep it simple, state your salary expectations with no range and with no remarks on potentially being flexible.


The tendency to over-elaborate and provide evidence of your worth or flexibility in salary just leads to confusion and disappointment.


Example answer ”I am looking at jobs paying for ‘X’ salary, however its important I find the right job, in the right company.”


Answering like this sets out your expectations and that money is important to you (as it is to everyone) but there are other factors at play.


James Swift Director

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Top tip on how to answer this tricky interview question …