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Simplest hack for online interviews ever

But, also one of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The world changed 3.5 years ago and will likely never be the same again.


I curse COVID for so many reasons, but in business terms, to this day, I still hate how the rest of the world caught up….


We started StormX nearly 7 years ago and immediately adopted Video and Online meetings to make everyone’s life easier, and interactions with a Recruiter better.


But also,


Immediately discovered that video meetings aren’t for everyone.


In fact, some candidates who openly stated their confidence in ‘standard’, in person circumstances, just folded.


Nerves of being on a video screen took over.


It’s just different.


So what’s the simple hack to make them easier I hear you ask??


And something you simply can’t use in a face to face interview?




In your prep, create a handful of post it notes that remind you of key bullet points, that you know you MUST talk about in the interview.


Key attributes that you know match the role nicely.


Write those attributes/words in capitals (for easy viewing) on those post its,


And stick them around your monitor/laptop.


The interviewer will never know they’re there, and the beauty of them being around the monitor is that you barely have to break eye contact to glance at them as reminders.




Those who get nervous about going blank in those online interviews, this will help massively.


Worried about missing detail/not selling yourself as well as you might?


This will help solve that too!!


Chris Truman Director

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Simplest hack for online interviews ever