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**Recruitment process home truths**

If you’re still operating a “Preferred Supplier List”, you’re failing your business.


The clue is in the title.


The combination of the words “preferred” and “list” tells you everything you need to know.


Nothing about being on a “list” feels “preferred”.


The whole concept is frankly ridiculous…..


You believe (and communicate loudly) that you’ve selected the best service providers for your business, after a process that’s taken months to run…


(hours of beauty parades and salaried time to ask the same generic questions of all of the ‘hopefuls’)


Who you’re then trusting to market, represent and match talent on your behalf,


Oh, and by the way, that “preferred” list is multiple agencies long.


And you’re telling them all via your terms, that whoever sends a CV first, will be the one to “own” that candidate.


On reduced rates that you’ve dictated, because the supplier is “preferred” and it’s a major commercial honour/opportunity to recruit for your business….


No thanks.


Said every sensible, commercial and service-oriented Recruiter on the planet.


It’s an agreed period of exclusivity or a retained search.


Anything else is wasting your time and negatively affecting your employer brand & candidate experience.


And any Talent Acquisition Manager/Leader who doesn’t agree is stealing a living.


Chris Truman Director

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**Recruitment process home truths**