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How smashing that second interview and elite sports are aligned?

Would Usain Bolt walk the last 10 metres of the 100 if he was winning?


Would Roger Federer start thinking about his evening meal at 4-0 up in a final set?


Man Utd 2-0 up with 10 mins to go……(oooof, actually that’s a rubbish example, read on…)


How to avoid second interview disasters??


Take them seriously.


So, you loved the advert,


The spec felt an even better fit,


The agency briefed you (hopefully) to further increase that feel of ‘this is it’?


And then,


You smashed the first stage interview.


Well done you.


But wait……There’s no job offer after that in a two (or more) stage process.


And too many top applicants roll into that second stage interview like it’s a done deal.


Assuming the lions share of the work is done, that their relevance and fit is already embedded.


It’s not.


Arguably, you must treat it even more importantly than the first!


And like anything in life, you must finish the job with the same diligence, prep and specific example giving that probably got you that second interview confirmation in the first place.


Assume nothing.


And work with an Agency who helps guide you through the entire process, not just sends you a spec, gives you a link to a Teams meeting and hopes for the best….


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How smashing that second interview and elite sports are aligned?