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How do you get the pay rise you think you deserve….

We are seeing an increase reasons for moving companies purely monetary… not a surprise with cost of living, interest rates rising etc etc etc.


The demand of businesses and subsequently their staff has been huge in last 12 months and a lot feel that your pay doesn’t reflect the work they put in?


Talking about pay is a difficult and sometimes a scary proposition!


But lets face it, no one has ever been sacked for asking for more money!


A few tips!


⏩ Timing is everything – no point asking if they are laying off staff and the business is struggling. Look at times when budgets are being set or key staff move on.


⏩ Don’t ambush your boss – worst time is first thing on a Monday morning or Friday afternoon. Give plenty of time and give them the heads up if they ask.


⏩ Do your research – Find out from trusted recruitment contacts the market value of your background.


⏩ You don’t get something for nothing – expect to increase your responsibilities or workload and even offer it.


❌Most importantly – be prepared for them to say ‘NO’❌


Sometimes its just not the right time, so don’t throw your toys out of your pram…. knuckle down and prove your worth. Your boss will know you want more and will expect a reaction…. a positive one will put you in a much better place.


James Swift Director

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How do you get the pay rise you think you deserve….