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How can you stop your employees quiet quitting?

This is something that I didn’t know anything about until a few months ago other than just hearing the term.


It appears to be becoming more common, especially since Covid.


For those that don’t know the term, it’s when an employee deliberately does the bare minimum to retain their job, but does not go above and beyond or put in extra hours or effort.


They’ve basically lost interest in the job, the company or are disengaged from a poor manager.


How can you stop this and get that employee re-engaged?


Below are a few ideas:


💡 Continually question if you’re paying someone a fair salary, has the market shifted, have they been on the same salary for 2 plus years.


💡 Have open lines of communication with employees – actively ask them how you can keep them engaged and improve their situation.


💡 Ensure employees know what their responsibilities are, and how they contribute to the wider purpose and mission of the organisation


💡 Recognise and reward great contributions to your business or department.


💡 Have a focus on career development, training, and progression (for those that want it).



Ryan Osborne Recruitment Consultant

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How can you stop your employees quiet quitting?