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Don’t be a “Classic Brit” at the end of a second/final stage interview…..

What on earth is he rambling on about today I hear you say?


Classic Brits =


We wait in queues.


We hold doors for other people.


We dance around issues rather than speaking our real minds.


Granted, that’s not all of us, but you take my point.


And the final example?


We don’t tell people how we FEEL.


So….prior to a second stage interview, I’m constantly giving the following advice.


Finish the interview, by properly concluding the process from your perspective.


If you like it? If you like them? If you want the job????




Be the candidate who doesn’t stand on ceremony or leave things to chance,


Be decisive.


“I’d just like to say thanks for the process, for all of the information – I’ve loved meeting you all and I’d love this role if I got the opportunity to take it”.


It’s as simple as that.


Even better??


“I’d be PROUD to work here”.


Now, it’s not my place to put words in people’s mouths so use any variation on the above that you like,


But for goodness sake,


Don’t be a classic Brit and tell them that you like them!!!!


**hints of the sort of advice that one of my 4 dream dinner guests (Paul Carrick Brunson) would give. N.B – I’m only qualified to give business advice, but many of you could probably use this personally too……*


Chris Truman Director

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Don’t be a “Classic Brit” at the end of a second/final stage interview…..